Episode 27

To Teach or To Coach with Wyatt Bradbury

On this episode Ted and Barb welcome a Safety Professional Wyatt Bradbury. Wyatt serves as an HSE Advisor for Hitachi Rail, and as part of the Department of Engineering Faculty and the University of Alabama Birmingham, teaching Professional Ethics and Introduction to Safety Systems for the ASEM program. He has experience in the Aquatics, Construction, and Utility industries. Mr. Bradbury holds a CSP, CHST and CIT Certifications from the BCSP, and a Master of Engineering in Advanced Safety Engineering and Management.

He is also an active speaker, participating in numerous conferences, webinars, and podcasts, and he enjoys mentoring other young safety professionals. He also enjoys writing. He recently published two articles in the PSJ on Young Worker Safety and To Teach or to Coach, and is now sharing his observations on the topics.

According to Wyatt, young workers are eager to impress and do not understand the impact of their decisions. Safety professionals’ support is especially important to small businesses and organizations who employ younger workers, like high school children. To teach them is to provide foundation - information they hear for the first time. Coaching is related to continued development of the skill, to achieve the advanced level of performance. You have to ask yourself what is the goal you’re trying to achieve. You cannot coach someone who does not know the basics.  



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